Last week, we had our very first Friday Breakfast! Until now, Oak Table has served meals Monday to Thursday, but once we moved into our new space we had the opportunity to offer something on Friday.  Our donors made it possible for us to pilot an expansion of our services. We started small and served 22 guests. It was our way of thanking them for keeping their community safe by getting fully vaccinated. It was a huge success!

Our staff whipped up a great breakfast including a Spanish omelette, breakfast potatoes, and coffee for everyone. They set the tables to simulate the experience of eating in a restaurant, and provided table service for all our guests. We got positive responses from everyone who came. One guest said, “I feel so special... it's like having Breakfast at Tiffany's!" Another told us, “It’s like eating somewhere that’s upper class.” We also asked everyone what programs they wanted to see start up first movies, bingo, and art were the winners.  One of our volunteers set up a book table for guests, giving them the opportunity to take a book with them when they left.

While restaurants, gyms, museums, and hair salons around the city are opening up their doors to those who are double vaccinated, many in our community continue to face barriers. Our guests are economically and/or socially excluded from experiencing the sense of normality these places offer. With our Friday Breakfast, we want to give our guests the chance to experience inclusion, and give them the opportunity to connect and re-build community. Our first breakfast did exactly that, and we're excited to keep it going! This week a few more volunteers will join us. Our next breakfast will include watching a movie on our big screen TV in the conference room. After all, the theatres are opening!

Thank you again to our supporters for giving our guests a chance to feel special and loved. Stay tuned for more updates about our new services including showers and laundry. If you would like to directly support this program and give your community a place to feel included, consider donating at the link below: