Landon, his sister Olivia and their mom, Jen joined us as well. This was their first time at Oak Table, and they had a very special reason for coming. Landon recently celebrated his 7th birthday, and decided that instead of receiving gifts he would ask his friends to give him money so he could donate it to the Oak Table. After the birthday, Jen phoned to see how she could help Landon understand what his money could do to help others. That is how they happened to come the day of the BBQ, not just to give the money, but to understand who the money helped and how. He was happy to be here; happy to help; and happy to have his donation put in practical terms he could understand. He was able to link his money to the work we do at Oak Table and was thrilled to know his donation of $210 could provide the food for a BBQ meal (for example) for 70 people, or could buy almost 200 pair of summer socks!

Landon and Olivia were put in charge of drinks, which involved finding out what kind of drink the person wanted, digging it out of the cooler and giving it to the guest. They also had to keep track of what varieties were left and make sure they were replenished so the guest didn't make a choice only to find there were none of that kind available. They were competent and capable helpers.

Landon and Oliva excitedly made plans to come back in July to volunteer again. The Landon and Olivia's of our city are the future volunteers, leaders, philanthropists and decision makers. These early experiences will help determine what they do with their time, money, and influence as adults. How wonderful it is when parents start teaching them the importance of giving back so young. No matter what Landon and Olivia do when they grow up, they are already shaping up to be wonderful citizens of Canada with open inclusive hearts!

Do you have an occasion coming up that you could do an act of kindness for someone else?