I am a longtime resident of the Osborne Village area.  I’ve witnessed many changes to the neighbourhood over the years, but one thing has remained constant - the ever growing need to support the disadvantaged and homeless.  I came to know Oak Table through Holy Rosary Parish, which I attend, and their ongoing donations of food, clothing, fundraising space and monetary contributions.


I’ve always been an active supporter and volunteer for those who require a hand up in our community.  As a personal commitment when I retired as a petroleum geologist, I naturally gravitated to Oak Table because of its longstanding caring commitment to those in need, its excellent reputation and leadership.


I am so proud to be involved with the Oak Table “family” as a frontline volunteer and Board Member.  I have been privileged to meet many interesting people who use Oak Table’s facilities and services and especially enjoy the time I spend chatting and singing with our guests.  I admire and celebrate their resilience, profound gratitude, generosity and graciousness in the face of adversity.  I have seen how recognition, support and inclusion has incited confidence and a sense of self-worth in our guests and drawn many out of isolation.


We are all one catastrophe, or serious change in circumstance away from needing the support of a place like Oak Table.  I hope to continue to serve with the Oak Table “family” for years to come so that everyone in our community is nourished with food, fellowship and dignity.