Oak Table guests rely on our wonderful, generous donors to provide meals, hygiene products, programs, and a space for the community to feel safe and respected. We are constantly inspired by your willingness to give, and eagerness to provide love and service to the under-loved and under-served in our community. We want you to trust that your gift is going directly to help the people who need it most, and SimplyK lets us do that.  SimplyK is the only charitable donation service that gives us 100% of your donation! Every dollar you give through SimplyK will go towards providing services for our guests! SimplyK allows one-time donations, as well as monthly recurring donations. 


Oak Table paid close to $3000 in service fees last year.  We both know this money would be better spent meeting our guests needs.


We still have many methods of giving, and want you to keep using the platform you’re comfortable with (CanadaHelps, E-Transfers, cheques, etc.). If you’re a new donor and want to make sure all the money you donate goes to those you want to help, click the link below to give today:




Note: SimplyK will ask you, the donor, whether you would like to contribute to the costs of them processing your donation. This is strictly a personal decision and will not impact the amount of money we receive.