Our Board of Directors recently adopted a new set of Values as a way to set the tone for everything we do at Oak Table.  

                                                 Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible 

As we started preparing to construct our new space, and began preparing a transition plan for guests, volunteers and staff, we started to question how we could set some expectations for how we would live in the space together.  We wanted to move away from rules framed in the negative.  That is, rules that generally start with the word "NO".  Rules such as, "No swearing", or "No fighting" etc.  We know the word  "No" has an impact on us as humans. It generally causes us to react, rather than think.  Rules written in the negative seem result in challenging us rather than inspiring and motivating us.  We wanted something positive and value based that would apply to everyone using our space.  Something simple, but would have meaning for everyone.  Inclusive, rather than exclusive.  Something that inspired conversation around positive concepts, rather than identifying negative behaviours.   

We are excited to begin talking to each of you to hear what our new values would "look like", "feel like" and "sound like" for you.