I have always felt that the Good News wants to be shared in earthy practical ways.  Many of our city neighbors don’t have access to regular food, and find it difficult to enjoy decent housing and friendships.  So being connected to Oak Table ministry just makes good practical sense.   I first became aware of the work and witness of Oak Table back about 1978.   At that time, the staff and some members of Augustine had  opened the River avenue doors to extend genuine daily welcome and coffee  in the local neighborhood.  At that time I was pleased to offer some team building energy to the ministry.   

Then 30 odd years later, having retired from active ministry, I was asked to come off the retirement bench and direct the activities of the Ministry for several months.  Following that,  it brought me great joy to become a regular weekly volunteer.  For several years hat activity was an important part of every week.  Then some sensitive health restrictions (regrettably) made it unwise for me to come through the door and join the guests and staff and volunteers.  So, in order to stay involved in a modest way, I asked to join the Board a couple of years ago.  I am proud to be an advocate of the Oak Table community.  I believe in the justice-centred daily atmosphere.  And with enthusiasm  I salute the creative hospitality shared amongst our guests, our many volunteers and our very capable staff team.