We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for participating in our Raise the Rent Raffle, which took place on July 1st. Fundraising has looked significantly different for us this past year, and we've experienced a steep learning curve in organizing virtual fundraisers. Your support of these events has made a difference in the community, and has allowed us to expand our services recently. We've started serving breakfast on Fridays (previously a day where we wouldn't serve guests), and will be offering showers and laundry to guests. Your participation in our fundraisers, and overall support of Oak Table, has loved the under-loved and served the under-served. Thank you!


The Raise the Rent Raffle winners were:

Elaine Schwenneker - Samsung TV
Susan Bolton - Aurora Bearealis
Barry Sigurdson - Stained Glass Piece
Carla Oliphant- LG TV
Shelley McEachern - Bulova Watch

Thanks to our prize donors who made this event not only possible, but also fun!

Advance Electronics
Independent Jewellers
Leo & Lynn Boiteau
Matthew MacMillan - Prairie Studio Glass


If you would like to support your community, please consider donating: