My wife Elsie and I moved back to Winnipeg in 2007 and I started volunteering at Oak Table shortly after.  I knew of Oak Table through my involvement with the United Church of Canada and I was interested in the work it was doing in the Osborne Village Community.

 As a former, long time member of the Kinsmen Club, I was proud of the volunteer work that all such charitable organizations did in their respective communities, not only here in Canada, but communities throughout the world 

How often have we been asked to sit on a committee, volunteer our time for some activity, help out at work, in your place of worship, or some special community event, and found ourselves saying, “sorry I don’t have the time” or “sorry, I’m busy that evening”, or, “oh! I couldn’t. I just don’t have any skills to offer.”

How often have we walked by a street person’s request for help, or ignored a charitable organizations plea for financial assistance? Is the need that great? Are that many people suffering and in need of help? Unfortunately, the answer is yes! 

So, why do I volunteer at Oak Table?  I volunteer because of the great work it does for those in need, and it’s a way I can give back for the privilege of living in our community of Winnipeg. Elsie and I became monthly donors.  With our donation debited directly from our account, we don’t have to remember to write a cheque, and our gift provides Oak Table with regular, predictable income.