Oak Table is part of our name for a reason.  The symbolism captured exemplifies what we do and offer here.

A table - and especially this table - represents a welcoming place, offering warm food, in a warm place with a warm smile.  It offers the opportunity for resting or visiting, sharing, smiles, encouraging words and often provides a bit of time for guests to forget harm and hardship.  The oak-tree symbolizes enduring strength and power, able to survive in all weather and provide protection.   A table made of oak - a great symbol.

The Oak Table fulfills, exactly what such a  table offers: Giving and receiving without  judgement,

The volunteers at Oak Table, demonstrate that the world around us can change for the better - right here and right now!

We've outgrown the space where our original oak table is housed.  Each month our Board of Directors continues to meet around this table remembering the symbolism it provides.

Thank-you to all who make this possible.