There is an infection in the air that has nothing to do with COVID. It is the infectious nature of laughter and the sound of happy conversation. For many months, when we first began dealing with COVID, you could hear a pin drop in the drop-in. Don't get me wrong, we know we are still dealing with COVID, but even though people are still wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing, the happy vibe we were used to has returned! What brought that vibe back? It's by no means definitive, but my take on it is: as we returned to some normal routines, our guests relaxed. Guests felt safe because everyone in the space was vaccinated, but the crafts, bingo, choosing a book to read, and sitting at a table across from another person, or watching a movie, really made a difference. It's not that we could do these things without modification. For example, everyone has to have their own individual art supplies, bingo cards needed to be printed and laminated so they can be easily disinfected, social distancing needs to be followed while watching a movie, and treats need to be individually packaged, tables are distanced from each other and limited to two people, and books cannot be returned after they are chosen. In spite of this, you can't help but feel positive and happy yourself, when walking through the space! People are reconnecting after a long period of isolation. Yesterday, Frances and her cousin Pearl had lunch together. They love that they have a space where they can come and catch up with each other. "It's like meeting for lunch downtown," Fances said. Robert was thrilled with his morning. After breakfast he joined the group watching a Marvel Series on the big screen tv. He came out saying, "Wow, the ending today took me by surprise", and then broke into an explanation of which superhero was stabbed, and how he would need to wait till next Friday to find out if he's still alive. As he was leaving, one of the book table volunteers called to him, and told him they found the book he had asked about. He couldn't believe his luck, and as he left here to start reading the Complete Novel and Stories of Sherlock Holmes, he was a happy man evidenced by the grin on his face. His happiness was infectious!

You can help bring those moments of laughter, contentment, and happiness to our guests. You can help us modify activities to make them safe, and make them possible after so many months of nothingness. Donate today, and make a place for Frances and Robert to laugh, talk, and connect with others: