Oak Table Inc. surveyed 60 of our guests to gain a broader understanding of the general health status of the people who walk through our doors. With the help of volunteers from Red River College, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and the University of Manitoba, we collected anonymous survey results that opened our eyes to the realities many of our guests face in relation to healthcare. Out of the sixty survey, fifty-nine surveys were completed and returned.

Among the results that stood out were the following:

  • 17 participants were without a family doctor
  • 30 were in need of dental services
  • 19 reported mental health concerns
  • 8 were in need of wound care
  • 7 reported a heart condition
  • 8 did not have a Manitoba Health Card

The survey participants were mixed in gender, and the average demographic was mid-fifties and single. The survey also asked anonymous questions regarding socio-economic status; 10 participants identified as homeless, while another four admitted to living in a vehicle.

Amongst the most illuminating of statistics was at the end of the survey: participants were asked if they would be interested in receiving assistance with areas such as finding a family doctor, seeking out counselling, or quitting smoking. 41 out of 59 answered yes. This clearly demonstrates a need amongst Oak Table participants for diverse health services, and a general willingness to accept that help along the path to receiving the treatments they need.

This is where we plan to take action. Oak Table already has great success with the bi-monthly foot-care program, and visits from our volunteer nurses. In our upcoming new facility, we plan to build a designated health care room where our guests can continue to receive care within the privacy of a clinic-like setting. We want to provide dignified, professional health care to those who need it most; this could include medical referrals, foot-care, and basic wound care.

Everyone deserves the healthcare they need to live a long and healthy life, free of preventable ailments and pains. You can help us reach our goal of a brand-new health facility by donating today! For more information, you can call us at (204) 416-2240 or visit us at oaktable.ca. You can make a donation through CanadaHelps or PayPal on line, and by cash, cheque, debit or credit at our 109 Pulford Street Location. Every dollar makes a difference, and donation receipts are provided for all donations $20.00 and over.